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Find A Tech Job

Find a Tech Job events are the equivalent of speed dating for recruitment. We run events that enable employers to meet with potential candidates in a relaxed, informal setting. For the potential candidate, our events are a chance to: find out about interesting projects; meet with members of a company’s technical team; and learn more about a company’s practices and technical processes before applying for a role. For employers, our events provide a platform to go beyond the job spec and present their companies to prospective candidates.

Our Promise: No recruitment agencies will be present at any of our events.

More about Find A Tech Job you can find here.

Find A Tech Job event in Krakow will be hosted on Thursday, 23rd June 2016, 18:30 – 21:00. Thanks to Sky – free beer, wine and snacks will be provided.

You can attend Find A Tech Job event even if you are not Devoxx participant. It is open for everybody.

There is separate registration for this event, so please make sure you register even if you are Devoxx participant. You can find registration page here.

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